“The Teacher is here…and is asking for you.”

This Sunday, I followed along as a trio of voices stood in front of the congregation and read John 11, bringing the passage alive.

I regret that I didn’t pay attention to the second half of the reading but, as sometimes happens, one verse snagged my attention and wouldn’t let go. I found my eyes returning to it as the reader’s voice echoed over and over in my head.

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“Prayer Study” Week 23 – El Emet

As we’ve taken several weeks break from our sharing with you our “prayer study” to allow for other pursuits, we have had ample time to study our Name for this week: El Emet.

Learn how to pronounce Emet:

Emet means truth. Thus the name El Emet proclaims our God the God of Truth. At first, the fact that El Emet and Elohim’emet are used interchangeably with El Hane’eman, the Faithful God, and most often in connection with His promises to us, we almost overlooked it. But it became clear soon enough that this Name is not meant to be used to replace another but to take our knowledge of a steadfast, incomparable, just, perfect, and honest God.

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A Long Day

I have been kept on my feet and running around lately. After a long time waiting, my husband and I finally decided to make the move from an apartment to our first house. Last weekend was our big furniture move day. It was the longest day in recorded history…or at least it felt that way. Now my husband and I get to spend the next few months cleaning and unpacking and settling into our first house!
I knew that this was going to be a stressful time. I was prepared for the physical drain, the emotional drain, the mental drain – moving really takes a lot out of you. It not just physical work. I think everyone that helped us would agree. We ended up on the floor our my new living room about 2/3 through the day. We were worn out through and through.

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The Little Things

Reposting this so that those who have a lot on their plates right now – like me – can be reminded to take a breath and refocus on the little things. Close your eyes, let the big pictures fall away for a moment, and rest simply in this day, this hour, this moment. Whatever it takes to remember that you can, you will, you are…and you do not have to hold everything together yourself. And strive for peace in your busy days – peace with yourself, peace withothers, peace with God, for He has given you peace for this day and for the coming one. May His peace abound in your life in all ways. Amen.

It truly is the little things in life that can make or break our days.

Day in and day out.

I love this saying because it’s absolutely the truth!

The little blessings

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Are we taking this a little too far?

I’ve been in more discussions and read more articles about one topic this past year than ever before, and every time it has left an unsettled feeling in my heart, and on almost every face in the room.

What is that topic?

That God will actively cause harm in our lives. That He will pick up a scalpel and cut us…for our good.

If that statement doesn’t immediately cause you even a tad bit of discomfort, I want to know how come.

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